Is palm oil wrong?

To few humans asking that question. Well Lickin’ is here to help.

When grown responsibly, palm oil is in fact the most efficient choice of edible oils. You can get more oil from a square mile of palms than from any other oil crop. If all palm oil farmers would swith to lower-yield oils like coconut, you know what would happen? They would need twice the amount of land. How would they get the land? You guessed it: by cutting down forests.

So, the problem is not the palms. It’s deforestation. And that’s where we bump into the cow in the room: animal agriculture. Livestock needs a sh*tload of feed, and all that feed takes up a cr*pload of land. 75% of all agricultural land, to be precise. And nearly all of that feed’s energy is farted right back up into the air as greenhouse gasses and splattered to the ground as acidifying nitrogen. For every 100 kilocalories you feed a cow, you only get 2 kilocalories of beef back. Imagine if we’d quit animal products altogether. You know what would happen? We could easily feed the entire world using half the land in use today. An area the size of North America and Brazil together could be given back to nature. Dynamite.

When you pick Lickin’, you choose not to rely on dairy. You choose for creamy melty goodness made with sunflowers and responsibly sourced RSPO palm oil. The RSPO certificate assures us that no new deforestation will occur for our palm oil and that palm plantations in peat areas will be converted back into rainforests. That kind of palm oil rocks.

It’s the superstar among plant oils. And on top of that, your tub invests in reforestation projects. Now we’re talking.