Gotta love cows.

They’re gentle, trusting, sweet, social and emotional. Do you know how they show affection? By lickin’. There you have the background story of our name, in case you were wondering.

At Lickin’, we love cows and choose to respect ‘em. The old way of making ice cream on the other hand? Well, see what you think.

To make dairy ice cream:

  • 2 year old cow gets inseminated (wish we could say ‘gently’ here, but there’s not much room for gently if you have to treat hundreds in a day)
  • Is pregnant for 9 months
  • Calf is born. Gets separated from mom asap, which as you can imagine is pretty stressful for both.
  • Calf gets placed in a box alone, to avoid any contamination from other animals. Is fed artificial milk. Male calf? Off into the international veal trade it is, not a pleasure cruise we can tell you. Female calf is put on the same career path as mom, but kept separated to prevent her from drinking moms milk. That’s for the ice cream, remember.
  • A robot sucks mom for milk every day for about the year. Then production goes down and she is impregnated again. This goes on for about 7 years, after which spent milking cows are sent to slaughter. Fun fact: cows have a natural life expectancy of about 20 years.

The Lickin’ Way:

  • Pick plant ingrediënts
  • Get oil & protein from plant seeds
  • Make great ice cream

Here for the Lickin’?

Enjoy feeling smug because you’re not contributing to the dark side of dairy. Instead, you chose to eat crazy good ice cream today and support reforestation and animal welfare with your tub. Classic you.